Trina Huarte



Trina Huarte, Founder

Trina Huarte is a Delta Air Lines First Officer on the Boeing 757 and 767ER based out of Seattle, WA.  She has loved flying since a very young age and spent many hours in the back of a float plane as a child.  Trina grew up swimming competitively and graduated from the University of Washington as an All-American in the 200-Meter Butterfly.  She went on to Flight Instruct at Boeing Field in Seattle, WA, and was then hired by Continental Express to fly the 1900s.  Trina was hired by Delta Air Lines in 2001 and was subsequently furloughed after September 11th.  She was able to use this time to start a family and now has four very active children between the ages of 4 to 12 years old.  She uses her love of flying and athletics to motivate her children and impress upon them that they can do anything they put their minds to.  Trina is involved in Delta’s New Hire Pilot Mentor program, is the head of Line Safety in the Northwest Region and is a Delta Air Lines Pilot Ambassador.  She has also qualified for the World CrossFit Games two years in a row and loves to inspire those around her to stay engaged in life through fitness and physical activity.  Trina is one of the founders of Female Aviators Sticking Together and wants to promote and provide women everywhere with the opportunities and advantages that such a strong community can deliver.