Rachelle Kerr

Treasurer & Founder


Rachelle Kerr, Treasurer

Rachelle Kerr is an Atlanta based Delta Air Lines First Officer and Pilot Instructor on the Boeing 757 and 767 fleets.  She started her airline career in 2005 flying for Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA), currently known as ExpressJet.  Rachelle upgraded to Captain at ASA in 2008 and shortly thereafter, in 2009, made U.S. history by being a part of the first all African-American female flight crew.  She was humbled and honored to be an important part of history that day and continues to be a role model for young girls who are interested in aviation.  Rachelle was hired by Delta in 2010 and enjoys being a line pilot as well as instructing the new cadre of incoming pilots.  She is happily married to a fellow Delta Pilot and they have 2 young children, a boy and a girl.

Rachelle is extremely excited to be a founding member of Female Aviators Sticking Together and has seen it grown beyond what she expected and is looking forward to the wonderful opportunities that F.A.S.T. can provide to the thousands of women pilots across the globe.