Christine Pudas

Vice-President & Founder


Christine Pudas,

Christine Pudas is a 3rd generation pilot that grew up with aviation in her blood.  She knew from childhood that she would be a pilot and was fortunate to have many people who encouraged and supported her career and lifelong passion.  Christine started her aviation training in high school and is now currently an Airbus 320 First Officer at Delta Air Lines.  Because of her gratitude in having mentors throughout her aviation journey, she believes in the importance of positive mentors and the knowledge and experiences they can give that can help future pilots find their own successful paths.  In 2015, Christine helped found Female Aviators Sticking Together while training with fellow F.A.S.T. Officers (Andrea Ratfield, Dawn Cook and Trina Huarte) as mentors to new hire Delta Pilots.  She feels very grateful to be the Vice-President of Female Aviators Sticking Together, a safe place she knows not only helps connect female pilots around the world, but also a place to find mentors and as well as a support system to give and get advice.

Christine is extremely passionate about finding women in future generations who are entering the work force and who are interested in aviation but don’t already have someone in their life to support and encourage them in their journeys.  She wants to introduce them to an industry that can hold incredible opportunity for their lives in whatever aviation capacity they may chose.  As Christine states, “I believe a reason more women don’t pursue aviation as an endeavor is simply a lack of awareness.  So many women I meet don’t even know that it (aviation) is an option.  At F.A.S.T. we are dedicated to changing that perception.”