Abingdon Chelsea Welch

“Female Aviators Sticking Together has become a part of my aviation family."


Abingdon W

(Editor's note... Abingdon Chelsea Welch is the Founder and CEO of Abingdon Co. which develops top quality, realistically priced watches to meet the needs of female pilots, mechanics, and adventurous women all over the world)

I’ve always had two families - my biological family (the one I grew up with) and my aviation family.  The family I grew up with has no idea about flying because I’m the first person to ever get my pilot’s certificate.  Though I enjoy spending time with my biological family during holidays and visits and over the phone, they don’t often get to meet my other “family,” the sometimes-crazy ones, the passionate ones who love flying and anything having to do with airplanes.

My aviation family is full of my best friends and I see them throughout the year at airshows, events, and meet-ups.  Female Aviators Sticking Together has become a part of my aviation family.  I don’t have to know other F.A.S.T. members personally to know that they have had similar experiences to me.  That they’ve had some of the same challenges I’ve had.  I can talk to a F.A.S.T. member online or in person and immediately we are - pun intended - fast friends!

Sometimes family isn’t about the bloodline you come from, it’s about the people you choose to be in your life.  I’m glad I’ve found an industry that I can call family, and I’m glad to be a F.A.S.T. member.

~ Abingdon Chelsea Welch


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