Events & Education


 The Summit is a one-day social gathering of F.A.S.T. members to unite, empower and educate female aviators beyond the flight deck. Summit agendas are driven by member feedback. In 2019, two summits will be held: Chicago on May 16th and TBD (October). The first summit will be focused on work/life balance, with guest speakers being selected. In addition, each summit will have a “Let’s Talk” Forum…. with members openly discussing areas of interest, in a group session.


 Scholarships are distributed annually through member fundraising and corporate support. These scholarships provide financial support for those members in the process of earning ratings or expanding their skills. Scholarship windows open in May of every year, we will post on our Home page when the application window opens for 2019.

o   In 2017, two scholarships were awarded.

o   In 2018, 3 scholarships were awarded.

Job Board:

Career opportunities are posted on the private Facebook page for members to see.


Certified member ambassadors will attend community events, speak at local schools and other occasions, focusing on future female aviators. 

F.A.S.T. Academy:

F.A.S.T. Academy is our long-term strategy to grow female aviators for the aviation industry and is focused on the next generation of minority and female aviators. The Academy will be housed in lower socioeconomic high schools. Female students will be selected beginning 9th grade and will complete their respective state’s certified curriculum. All electives will be aviation and leadership courses. Students will go to area airports for field trips/experiences during the academic year. During the summers, participants will attend camps to build flying hours, enabling them to graduate high school with their private pilot licenses.

F.A.S.T. Institute:

The F.A.S.T. Institute will provide leadership development and skill training for female aviators. A four-course certificate program is under development for female aviators to enhance their personal and professional skills. When aviation companies see a resume with a F.A.S.T. certification on it; they will recognize that the pilot has completed a rigorous program and that they are a “F.A.S.T. pilot”, positively differentiated from other applicants.


Targeted studies can and will be performed to understand female pilot issues and aviation related trends. Research supported by sponsors can be customized.

F.A.S.T. Mentoring:

The F.A.S.T. mentoring program will be built to formalize support for female pilots to grow, as well as support F.A.S.T. members, academy participants and college students. Mentors will attend a F.A.S.T. certification process before they are assigned mentees. All mentees will be required to “give back” to F.A.S.T. Aviators will learn, grow and develop in areas that go beyond the flight deck.